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Cuddle, Comfort and Contentment

Cuddle, Comfort and Contentment

How we design and decorate our living spaces can have an impact on both our physical and  mental well-being.  Explore some philosophies from around the world and how they can be utilized inside your home to benefit your health.

Cwtch - This Welsh term translates to cuddle, and you can see evidence of cwtch in the trend for sprawling comfy couches, throws, pillows and fireplaces, which enhance the kind of cozy, cuddly vibe that gives us a sense of well-being. 

Friluftsliv - This Norwegian word describes the joy and contentment that comes from outdoor living and finding opportunities to socialize, exercise, play and dine outdoors. The term loosely translates to "free air life" or "open air living." It’s found in outdoor spaces with fire pits and kitchens used to expand year-round living options. Many wellness experts have testified to the decreased stress and soul-stirring satisfaction we get from spending time outdoors.

Hygge - This Danish lifestyle trend celebrates values of home, hearth and family and the coziness and togetherness that bring us comfort and joy. How to achieve hygge? Add candles to your home, spend time cuddled up with family, invite friends for dinner and get rid of distracting clutter. 

To learn more about these and other ideas from various cultures finding their way into homes, click here to read the full article! 

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