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Wheelock VT

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Town Name: Wheelock 

Population: 759

Area: 39.8 SQ MILES

Brief History: The town was chartered in June of 1785 to John Wheelock and the trustees of Dartmouth College. The town was named for Wheelock, the college’s second president, and his father, Eleazar Wheelock, who founded the college. In 1796, the town voted to build its first meeting house, but it was never completed. Historically, large quantities of hay, oats and lumber were transported from Wheelock to Lyndon and St. Johnsbury. Large quantities of maple syrup were also produced in the town.

General Area Info: One range of the Green Mountains runs through the west part of town. The village is situated along Millers Run Stream. The town is heavily wooded and has two ponds, Chandler Pond, and Flagg Pond.

Attractions: Chandler Pond Farm, Mathewson State Forest, Chandler Pond, Flagg Pond

Recreational Activities: Snowmobiling, ATV Riding, Fishing

Fun Facts:

  • Through an old provision at Dartmouth College, any full-time Wheelock resident who is accepted as an undergraduate student at the college can attend the school tuition-free. Between the 1890s and 2017, nine Wheelock students attended Dartmouth College.
  • Eleazar Wheelock’s grandson founded Wheelock, Texas, in the early 1800s and named it after the Vermont town.
  • Two mineral springs in town were reputed to have medicinal value.


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