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Peacham VT

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Town Name: Peacham  

Population: 715

Area: 47.7 SQ MILES

Brief History: Chartered in December of 1763 to a group of proprietors who were speculators. They surveyed the town, laid down some simple roads, and divided the land into lots. More than 10 years later, pioneers came to the town, purchased lots, built homes, and developed the land for agriculture. There are several stories on how Peacham got its name; the most popular one has it attributed to the character Polly Peachum from the early 18th-century English opera, The Beggar’s Opera. According to the story, the Royal Governor of New Hampshire, Benning Wentworth, who owned Vermont’s lands at the time, honored the memory of actress Lavinia Fenton by naming the town after her stage persona.


General Area Info: The Village of Peacham is a National Historic Village District. The town, one of the most photographed and illustrated villages in northern New England, is known for its rolling hills, rural landscape, and distant views of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. The highest point in town is Cow Hill at 2,562 feet. It is home to two Ponds, the 331-acre Peacham Pond, and the smaller Martins Pond.

Attractions:Peacham Pond, Martins Pond, Northern Skies Observatory, Peacham Bog

Recreational Activities: Camping, Hiking, Paddling, Boating

Fun Facts:

  • Early residents were known as Peachamites. They traded butter, eggs, and wheat for goods they could not make at home, and relied on the production and sale of whiskey, potash, and other items to help augment poor harvests.
  • From 1800 to 1830, sheep farming flourished in the town.
  • Several movies have been filmed in Peacham, including A Return to Salem’s Lot, Ethan Frome, Where the Rivers Flow North, and The Spitfire Grill.


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  • K-8: Peacham Elementary School
  • High School: Choice

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