Northeast Kingdom Towns & Cities

Northern Vermont CountrysideScroll down to learn more about each of the Northeast Kingdom, VT towns. Contact us if you have questions and to learn more about Northeast Kingdom real estate.

Albany VT

Albany is a hilly town in a country setting. The northwestern part of the town is its highest point which is cut off from a chain of the Green Mountains by a brook. Albany has several ponds including: Great Hosmer, Hartwell, Page, Heart, and Duck Ponds.

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Barton VT

Barton is gifted with many spectacular lakes and ponds. The shorelines of Crystal Lake and surrounding mountains make Barton an attractive vacation destination. In Spring, Summer, and Fall take advantage of public beaches, picnic spots, and views at Crystal Lake State Park, Shadow Lake Beach, and the Willoughby Gap.

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Brighton VT

Island Pond has had a number of names. The original name came in 1780 from some Connecticut men who named it after a biblical mountain region. However, they failed to pay their fees so it was sold to a Rhode Island man who bought it as a random purchase and decided to call it Random.

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Brownington VT

Brownington is a rural community that has a strong history of farming. Take a drive on winding roads and maple lined by-ways with breathtaking views. The Willoughby River is a scenic stop along the way. Evansville Trading Post located on Vt Rt 58 has everything or anything you may need.

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Burke VT

East Burke, VT is home to Burke Mountain, a family ski resort with a variety of terrain from beginner to advanced. The mountain has 45 trials on 250 acres and hosts a vertical drop of 2,011 feet and the average snowfall is 217 inches.

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Charleston VT

Charleston is made of up East and West Charleston. Routes 105, as well as the Clyde River, connect them. Charleston is just a few miles east of Derby Center. Echo Lake is a gorgeous, clean hillside lake known for great fishing and tranquility.

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Coventry VT

Coventry used to be home to a gristmill and a bobbin mill on the Black River. There also used to be a starch factory as well. Ira Allen once owned part of the town for a period of time. For many years, there was a train stop on Coventry Station Rd. with 4 trains daily.

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Craftsbury VT

Craftsbury is about 25 miles South of Canada line and about 30 miles North of Montpelier. It is a good farming town though somewhat broken by hills, valleys, streams, and ponds. Craftsbury is home to Sterling College.

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Derby VT

Derby is the 2nd largest town in Orleans County and has a lot of growth over the past 15 years. The Derby Road (Rte 5) is mainly a commercial district that connects to Newport. Most of the eastern shores of Lake Memphremagog are in Derby.

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Glover VT

Glover is a rural town with a long history of farming. Two beautiful lakes are located within this town, Lake Parker and Shadow Lake.

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Greensboro VT

Greensboro is characterized by farms, forests, open land, and lakes. Caspian Lake lies within Greensboro and it's a beautiful body of water. Real estate values on and around the lake remain very strong.

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Irasburg VT

Irasburg is home to a round barn owned by the Robillard Family and is located on Rte 58 in the Irasburg Flats. The town center is very pretty and has old world charm!

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Jay VT

Jay Vermont is home to Jay Peak Resort. It is the highest mountain in the region at over 4000 feet. From the top, the view is astounding. On a clear day, you can see the Adirondacks, the White and the Green Mountains with Mount Royal and the city of Montreal in the distant.

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Lowell VT

Lowell is home to Mississqoui River and Hazen’s Notch. Lowell Mountain may soon be home to a number of windmills that are proposed to generate enough power to run 20,000 homes.

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Lyndon VT

Lyndon was turned into a township in 1780. Although heavily wooded, it has the Passumpsic River flowing through it, which allowed the operation of grist and saw mills.

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Morgan VT

Morgan is home to the beautiful Lake Seymore. It is the 2nd largest lake entirely within the state of Vermont at 1732 acres. It jas also been rated the 2nd cleanest lake in the nation.

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Newport Center VT

Newport was first formed in 1781 and was originally named Duncansboro. The name was changed to Newport in 1816. Within Newport was a small Village called Lake Bridge.

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Newport City VT

The City of Newport is a four seasons resort area. It is bordered by the Canadian Border to the North and is the Southern port of Lake Memphremagog. Newport has the largest population in Orleans County.

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Orleans VT

Orleans is near the Green Mountains and stunning views of lakes and ponds. Beautiful shorelines and rugged mountains make it an attractive vacation destination year-round. Take advantage of the many fishing spots, nearby golf courses, and hiking.

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St. Johnsbury VT

St. Johnsbury, known locally as St. Jay, is the shire town (county seat) of Caledonia County. St. Johnsbury is approximately 10 miles Northwest of the Connecticut River and 40 miles South of the Canadian border.

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Sheffield VT

Sheffield is located at the Northern end of Caledonia County, with Orleans county to the North. It's a small country town with wooded terrains. Sheffield may be home to a wind farm in the near future which would reduce their property taxes.

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Sutton VT

Sutton is geographically divided by four ridges, North Ridge, East Ridge, West Ridge, and South Ridge. Sutton is a farming community at the Northern end of Caledonia County with Orleans County to the north.

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Troy VT

Troy is a small countryside town with beautiful views of Jay Peak Mountain. Whether it is Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring, Troy always has something for all to enjoy.

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Westfield VT

Westfield is mainly a farming community including Berry Creek Farm, an organic vegetable farm, Butterworks Farm, specializing in yogurt and cream, and Lazy Lady Farm, which makes organic goat cheese.

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Westmore VT

Known as the “Lucerne of America”, for its similarity to Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne, Westmore's Lake Willoughby is considered to be Vermont’s most spectacular lake. 

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