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Northeast Kingdom Towns & Cities

Northern Vermont CountrysideScroll down to learn more about each of the Northeast Kingdom Vermont towns in the counties of Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans. Contact Century 21 Farm & Forest if you have questions and to learn more about Northeast Kingdom VT real estate.

Albany VT

Albany is a hilly town in a country setting. The northwestern part of the town is its highest point which is cut off from a chain of the Green Mountains by a brook. Albany has several ponds including: Great Hosmer, Hartwell, Page, Heart, and Duck Ponds.

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Averill VT

An unincorporated town, Averill was named for Samuel Averill, a businessman and land speculator. The Averill Lumber Company formed in the 1880s and operated on the east side of Great Averill Lake until 1898, when it was destroyed by fire.

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Avery's Gore VT

Nestled in the picturesque Vermont countryside, Avery's is a charming town known for its peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty. With its close-knit community and scenic landscapes, residents of Avery's enjoy a serene and relaxed lifestyle, perfect for those seeking a tranquil retreat in the heart of Vermont.

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Barnet VT

The first town chartered in the region, Barnet received its charter from the royal governor of New Hampshire in September of 1763. Town residents played an active role in Vermont’s declaration of independence and the formation of the state constitution. It was named for the town of Barnet, England.

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Barton VT

Barton is gifted with many spectacular lakes and ponds. The shorelines of Crystal Lake and surrounding mountains make Barton an attractive vacation destination. In Spring, Summer, and Fall take advantage of public beaches, picnic spots, and views at Crystal Lake State Park, Shadow Lake Beach, and the Willoughby Gap.

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Bloomfield VT

The town was originally settled in 1798 with the name Minehead. In 1830, an act from the state General Assembly changed the name of the town to Bloomfield.

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Brighton VT

Island Pond has had a number of names. The original name came in 1780 from some Connecticut men who named it after a biblical mountain region. However, they failed to pay their fees so it was sold to a Rhode Island man who bought it as a random purchase and decided to call it Random.

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Brownington VT

Brownington is a rural community that has a strong history of farming. Take a drive on winding roads and maple lined by-ways with breathtaking views. The Willoughby River is a scenic stop along the way. Evansville Trading Post located on Vt Rt 58 has everything or anything you may need.

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Brunswick VT

Chartered in 1761, the town was named after Prince Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand of Brunswick-Lunenburg.

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Burke VT

East Burke, VT is home to Burke Mountain, a family ski resort with a variety of terrain from beginner to advanced. The mountain has 45 trials on 250 acres and hosts a vertical drop of 2,011 feet and the average snowfall is 217 inches.

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Canaan VT

Chartered in 1780 to Reuben Jones and others. First settled by Simon Willard, a fur trader. It was named for Concord, Massachusetts.

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Charleston VT

Charleston is made of up East and West Charleston. Routes 105, as well as the Clyde River, connect them. Charleston is just a few miles east of Derby Center. Echo Lake is a gorgeous, clean hillside lake known for great fishing and tranquility.

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Concord VT

Chartered in 1780 to Reuben Jones and others. First settled by Simon Willard, a fur trader. It was named for Concord, Massachusetts.

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Coventry VT

Coventry used to be home to a gristmill and a bobbin mill on the Black River. There also used to be a starch factory as well. Ira Allen once owned part of the town for a period of time. For many years, there was a train stop on Coventry Station Rd. with 4 trains daily.

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Craftsbury VT

Craftsbury is about 25 miles South of Canada line and about 30 miles North of Montpelier. It is a good farming town though somewhat broken by hills, valleys, streams, and ponds. Craftsbury is home to Sterling College.

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Danville VT

Established by the Vermont Legislature on October 31, 1786, making it one of the last towns to be created in Caledonia County. It was named for 18-century cartographer Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d’Anville.

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Derby VT

Derby is the 2nd largest town in Orleans County and has a lot of growth over the past 15 years. The Derby Road (Rte 5) is mainly a commercial district that connects to Newport. Most of the eastern shores of Lake Memphremagog are in Derby.

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East Haven VT

Chartered in 1790. It was one of several parcels granted to a group led by Timothy Andrews, who named it after his hometown of East Haven, Connecticut. The first settler was John Walter Jr., who moved to East Haven in late spring of 1804. He built the first house in the town and planted the first orchard.

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Ferdinand VT

The town is named after German Prince Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand of Brunswick-Lunenburg. The town was incorporated but was never formally organized. It is managed by the Unified Towns & Gores of Essex County.

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Glover VT

Glover is a rural town with a long history of farming. Two beautiful lakes are located within this town, Lake Parker and Shadow Lake.

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Granby VT

Chartered in 1761.The town was named for the Marquis of Granby.

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Greensboro VT

Greensboro is characterized by farms, forests, open land, and lakes. Caspian Lake lies within Greensboro and it's a beautiful body of water. Real estate values on and around the lake remain very strong.

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Groton VT

Chartered in 1789, there is some debate as to whether the town was named after Groton, Massachusetts, or Groton, Connecticut. The first settlement was in 1787, and it was organized in 1797 at the first town meeting.

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Guildhall VT

Chartered in 1761 by New Hampshire Governor Benning Wentworth. The original settlers were from Lancaster and Lunenburg in Massachusetts; they intended Lunenburg to include the area that was later found to be the south part of Guildhall. The name derives from a meeting house on the town square called the Guildhall.

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Hardwick VT

General George Washington ordered construction of the Bayley-Hazen Military Road during the Revolutionary War to provide access to the interior of Vermont. This prompted the development of Hardwick and East Hardwick. The town was chartered in 1781 to Danforth Keyes and 66 others, some from Hardwick, Massachusetts. Mark Norris, the first permanent settler, arrived from New Hampshire in 1788, and the first town meeting was held in his home in March of 1795.

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Holland VT

Holland is one of several towns in northern Vermont that was granted to Timothy Andrews and his associates. It was chartered in October of 1789. The original town was laid out in quarter sections, so each grantee had approximately 160 acres. The town’s first residents, who arrived in 1800, were Edmund Elliott from New Hampshire and Joseph Cowell from Connecticut.

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Irasburg VT

Irasburg is home to a round barn owned by the Robillard Family and is located on Rte 58 in the Irasburg Flats. The town center is very pretty and has old world charm!

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Jay VT

Jay Vermont is home to Jay Peak Resort. It is the highest mountain in the region at over 4000 feet. From the top, the view is astounding. On a clear day, you can see the Adirondacks, the White and the Green Mountains with Mount Royal and the city of Montreal in the distant.

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Kirby VT

Chartered in 1790 to Roswell Hopkins, who served as Clerk of the House of Representatives. The grant he received was originally called Hopkinsville and was later combined with a parcel from the town of Burke and was renamed Kirby in 1808. The first settlers began to arrive around 1792. Theophilus and Sophronia Grout, the town’s first settlers, located in the southern area of the town near the Moose River. The Grout Homestead has been expanded and refurbished and remains standing today.

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Lemington VT

Chartered in 1762, settled in 1789 and organized in 1796.

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Lewis VT

Nestled in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom, Lewis is a tranquil town known for its rural landscapes and close-knit community. With its sprawling farms, meandering rivers, and expansive woodlands, Lewis provides a peaceful retreat for those seeking a slower pace of life. The town's strong sense of community is evident in its local events, volunteer opportunities, and warm hospitality. Residents can enjoy the beauty of nature, engage in outdoor activities, and immerse themselves in the charm of small-town Vermont.

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Lowell VT

Lowell is home to Mississqoui River and Hazen’s Notch. Lowell Mountain may soon be home to a number of windmills that are proposed to generate enough power to run 20,000 homes.

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Lunenburg VT

One of the earliest settlements in the state, Lunenburg was chartered in 1763 by Benning Wentworth, the royal governor of the New Hampshire colony before it became a state and Vermont’s boundaries were established. In July 1763, he granted it to David Page and 68 others. The first settlers arrived by canoe from Northfield, Massachusetts, in 1764.

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Lyndon VT

Lyndon was turned into a township in 1780. Although heavily wooded, it has the Passumpsic River flowing through it, which allowed the operation of grist and saw mills.

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Maidstone VT

The town was chartered in October of 1761 by Benning Wentworth. It is named after Maidstone, England. The grantees were men from Connecticut, who never lived in the town, which proved to be an obstacle for anyone who wanted to purchase land. Maidstone was known for its productive agricultural land along the Connecticut River, as well as lumber production.

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Morgan VT

Morgan is home to the beautiful Lake Seymore. It is the 2nd largest lake entirely within the state of Vermont at 1732 acres. It jas also been rated the 2nd cleanest lake in the nation.

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Newark VT

The town was chartered in October of 1761 by Benning Wentworth. It is named after Maidstone, England. The grantees were men from Connecticut, who never lived in the town, which proved to be an obstacle for anyone who wanted to purchase land. Maidstone was known for its productive agricultural land along the Connecticut River, as well as lumber production.

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Newport Center VT

Newport was first formed in 1781 and was originally named Duncansboro. The name was changed to Newport in 1816. Within Newport was a small Village called Lake Bridge.

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Newport City VT

The City of Newport is a four seasons resort area. It is bordered by the Canadian Border to the North and is the Southern port of Lake Memphremagog. Newport has the largest population in Orleans County.

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Norton VT

The date of charter is unknown. It is believed that the first settlers arrived around 1860, but the town was not organized until March of 1885. Canadian Samuel Cleveland was the town’s first permanent settler. General Area Info: Norton is bordered on the north by Quebec, Canada. The highest point is Brosseau Mountain, at 2,723 feet. It has frontage on Great Averill Pond and Norton Pond.

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Orleans VT

Orleans is near the Green Mountains and stunning views of lakes and ponds. Beautiful shorelines and rugged mountains make it an attractive vacation destination year-round. Take advantage of the many fishing spots, nearby golf courses, and hiking.

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Peacham VT

Chartered in December of 1763 to a group of proprietors who were speculators. They surveyed the town, laid down some simple roads, and divided the land into lots. More than 10 years later, pioneers came to the town, purchased lots, built homes, and developed the land for agriculture. There are several stories on how Peacham got its name; the most popular one has it attributed to the character Polly Peachum from the early 18th-century English opera, The Beggar’s Opera. According to the story, the Royal Governor of New Hampshire, Benning Wentworth, who owned Vermont’s lands at the time, honored the memory of actress Lavinia Fenton by naming the town after her stage persona.

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Ryegate VT

Chartered by Governor Benning Wentworth in September of 1763, it was granted to Richard Jenness and 93 others. The name is a variant spelling of Reigate in Surrey, England. Aaron Hosmer and his family were the first settlers. In 1773, two agents for the Scotch American Company of Farmers from Renfrew and Lanark, Scotland, purchased the southern half of the town and members began settlement in 1774. The town was organized in 1776.

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Sheffield VT

Sheffield is located at the Northern end of Caledonia County, with Orleans county to the North. It's a small country town with wooded terrains. Sheffield may be home to a wind farm in the near future which would reduce their property taxes.

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Stannard VT

Previously known as Goshen Gore No. 1, it was incorporated as Stannard in honor of General George J. Stannard, a Union Army hero of the Civil War.

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St. Johnsbury VT

St. Johnsbury, known locally as St. Jay, is the shire town (county seat) of Caledonia County. St. Johnsbury is approximately 10 miles Northwest of the Connecticut River and 40 miles South of the Canadian border.

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Sutton VT

Sutton is geographically divided by four ridges, North Ridge, East Ridge, West Ridge, and South Ridge. Sutton is a farming community at the Northern end of Caledonia County with Orleans County to the north.

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Troy VT

Troy is a small countryside town with beautiful views of Jay Peak Mountain. Whether it is Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring, Troy always has something for all to enjoy.

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Victory VT

Granted in November of 1780 and chartered in September of 1781. The town was originally designed to contain 23,040 acres, but a tract of land between Victory and Concord, known as Bradley’s Vale, was divided by the legislature in 1856 and approximately 2,500 acres was annexed to Victory. The town's first permanent inhabitant was John Shorer, who moved to Victory in 1822. The first sawmill was built around 1830 by Joseph Woods, and the town remained an important logging area until the 1940s.

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Walden VT

Chartered in August of 1781 to Moses Robinson and 64 others. The town was founded along the original Bayley-Hazen Military Road, which served as an important supply route during the Revolutionary War. In 1779, a block house was built in this territory, with a small garrison left to defend it. The officer who was left in command was named Walden and requested that the town receive his name when it was chartered.

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Warner’s Grant VT

Warner's Grant, also known as Warners Grant or Warner's Gore, is an unincorporated gore in Essex County. Covering an area of approximately 820 hectares, this picturesque region is characterized by dense forests and natural beauty. While it does not have full self-governance, it holds its own charm within the tranquil ambiance of its wooded surroundings.

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Warren’s Grove VT

A charming but lesser-known grove in serene Essex County, Warren's Grove offers a tranquil escape for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

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Waterford VT

The town was chartered in November of 1780 to Benjamin Whipple and his associates. Originally, it was called Littleton, but the name was changed to Waterford in 1797. The town’s primary historical occupation was agriculture, which is not surprising given its fertile soil

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Westfield VT

Westfield is mainly a farming community including Berry Creek Farm, an organic vegetable farm, Butterworks Farm, specializing in yogurt and cream, and Lazy Lady Farm, which makes organic goat cheese.

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Westmore VT

Known as the “Lucerne of America”, for its similarity to Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne, Westmore's Lake Willoughby is considered to be Vermont’s most spectacular lake. 

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Wheelock VT

The town was chartered in June of 1785 to John Wheelock and the trustees of Dartmouth College. The town was named for Wheelock, the college’s second president, and his father, Eleazar Wheelock, who founded the college. In 1796, the town voted to build its first meeting house, but it was never completed. Historically, large quantities of hay, oats and lumber were transported from Wheelock to Lyndon and St. Johnsbury. Large quantities of maple syrup were also produced in the town.

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