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Coventry VT

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Town Name: Coventry  

Population: 1,100

Area: 27.7 mi²

Brief History: Coventry used to be home to a gristmill as well as a bobbin mill on the Black River. There also used to be a starch factory in town. Ira Allen once owned part of the town for a period of time. For many years there was a train stop on Coventry Station Rd. with 4 trains daily. These trains were in route to Montreal or Boston, or you could jump to Newport. There was a major fire that engulfed the village in 1913 then there was a flood in 1927. There has always been a strong farming presence in this town.

General Area Info: Coventry has NO zoning and NO municipal property taxes. This town is currently at its peak population in its history. Coventry's location is very central and abuts and lies directly south of Newport City. Most Coventry residences boast that they are within 10 minutes to anything. V.A.S.T trail system runs throughout the entire town making getting around on snowmobile easy and the local club is North Country Mountaineers.

The town of Coventry is funded by a large landfill within the town. The landfill has installed a number of methane generators that produce power from the gases. The landfill is very well managed. The town is highly desirable for a number of reasons. The first is the low tax base. The second is the fact that Coventry offers school choice to high school students. They will tuition the students to a number of schools including Lake Region, North Country, Stanstead College, and St. Johnsbury Academy. Further advantages of this town include scholarships for continuing education, well maintained roads, and the town offers to pay 50% of local health club memberships for its residents. We recommend you speak with the town to get a complete list of current offerings.

Attractions: Black River, Barton River, Newport State Airport, Black River Falls, V.A.S.T. trails.

Recreational Activities: Kayaking the Black and Barton Rivers into the South Bay Wildlife Management Area (State Lands) Paddle to Lake Memphremagog! Snowmobiling on VAST trails. Fly fish the Black River Falls! Coventry pays for all children to attend I.R.O.C. as well as 25% of adult gym memberships.

Fun Facts: Coventry hosted the last Phish concert! It is also home to TWO electrical generation plants that are completely “GREEN”. The Coventry Foundation grants money to towns people, especially for adult education and many other endeavors.


  • K-8: Coventry
  • High School: choice

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