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Richford VT

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Town Name: Richford

Population: 2,346

Area: 43.3 SQ MILES

Brief History: Chartered on August 21, 1780, by the Vermont Legislature, Richford was one of several towns granted by the fledgling Republic of Vermont in order to raise money to support its troops. Mostly Connecticut residents, the proprietors of the new town provided £480 (more than $27 million in today's dollars) towards the Revolution. The town was settled in 1795 with the arrival of Joseph Stanhope. A blacksmith shop, trip-hammer shop, distillery, and a bridge were built near the town falls, which developed into the village of Richford.

General Area Info: The Missisquoi River enters Richford from Canada and flows through the northern half of the town. The Missisquoi River Bridge, the Sheldon Boright House, the F.W. Wheeler House, St. Ann's Episcopal Church, and the Richford Primary School, along with the Downtown Richford Historic District are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Attractions: Richford Historical Society Museum

Recreational Activities: Snowmobiling

Fun Facts:

  • Richford is the birthplace of R.G. LeTourneau, an industrialist who founded LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas.
  • It is said that the name was most likely chosen to convey an image of fertile lands, which would be attractive to prospective buyers and settlers; however, early settlers who were struggling to survive often called it “Poorford.”


Richford Town Website


  • K-6: Richford Elementary School
  • Grades 7-12: Richford Junior/Senior High School

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