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Sheffield VT

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Town Name: Sheffield  

Population: 682

Area: 32.8 mi²

Brief History: Chartered in 1793.

General Area Info: Sheffield is located at the northern end of Caledonia County, with Orleans county just to the north. It is a small country town and has a lot of wooded terrain. Sheffield is home to Vermont's first commercial wind farm ((16 turbines, 40 megawatts). Interstate 91 travels through Sheffield and the highest point of the interstate is on Sheffield Heights.

Attractions: Sheffield Historical Society -The society has displays on Dr S.A. Jones and the Drake Family, an early Sheffield family, as well as many pictures and photo albums of the town's history. The VAST snowmobile trails and the VASA ATV trails are both big attractions for Sheffield.

Recreational Activities: Hiking, skiing, VAST trails, VASA trails.


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