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Brighton VT

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Town Name:  BRIGHTON (aka Island Pond), Vermont 

Population:  1,157

Area: 53.3 mi²


Brief History: Island Pond has had a number of names. The original name came in 1780 from some Connecticut men who named it after a biblical mountain region. However, they failed to pay their fees so it was sold to a Rhode Island man who bought it as a random purchase and decided to call it Random. In 1832 the residents decided to rename it Brighton as they felt the name Random did nothing to attract settlers or businesses. Island Pond came from an Abenaki word - Menanbawk which translates to Island Pond.

General Area Info: Island Pond is known as a quiet and beautiful NEK town, but is self-sufficient with stores, grocery marts, retail shops, churches, a school, a library & many recreational activities just to start. The lake is 626 acres with a 20+ acre Island in the middle. The town is private and only 22 miles to Derby and closer to Burke Mountain and Lyndonville.

Attractions: Island Pond, Spectacle Pond, Island Pond State Park, Bluff Mountain, Historical Society, Railroad Station. Great summer recreation programs of children.

Recreational Activities: Island Pond has miles of trails on the VAST trail making it the “snowmobile capital of Vermont”. There is also fishing, hunting, swimming, hiking, biking, canoeing, horseback riding, cross-country & downhill skiing. There is fantastic foliage in the fall months and a 4th of July fireworks & parade in town every year!

Fun Facts: Island Pond is famous for being one of the 1st international railroad junctions in the United States. In 1853, the town grew when it became the stop between Portland Maine & Montreal, Canada.

Town Chamber of Commerce: www.islandpondchamber.org

K-8: Brighton Elementary School
High School: North Country Union High School


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