Glover VT

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Glover VT Bread & Puppet TheaterTown Name: Glover

Population: 966 (2000 Census)

Area: 24,659 acres or 38.53 square miles

General Area Info: Glover is a rural town with a long history of farming and had some mills. Two beautiful lakes are located within this town, Lake Parker and Shadow Lake. There was once a body of water called Long Pond, what happened with that body of water can be read in Story of Runaway Pond.

Attractions: Lake Parker, Daniels Pond, Shadow Lake, Clarks Pond, Parker Pie, Bread + Puppet Theater and Museum.

Recreational Activities: Annual Glover Day!! Features a road race from the site of Run Away Pond to the center of town. There is usually a bike race as well. Pristine fishing at the area lakes and ponds. Miles of back roads for mountain biking and touring.

Fun Facts: Local food store also displays some unique taxidermy! VT Rte.16 would be an awesome touring bike ride as well as the many back country roads would be exceptional for mountain biking. Glover day is a very warm community based event, which the town looks forward to. Visit Glovers web site below for some amazing and interesting history and stories.

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