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Glover VT

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Glover VT Bread & Puppet TheaterTown Name: Glover 

Population: 1,114 

Area: 38.61 mi² 

General Area Info: Glover is a rural town with a long history of farming and had some mills. Two beautiful lakes are located within this town, Lake Parker and Shadow Lake. There was once a body of water called Long Pond, what happened with that body of water can be read in Story of Runaway Pond.

Attractions: Lake Parker, Daniels Pond, Shadow Lake, Clarks Pond, Parker Pie, Bread + Puppet Theater and Museum.

Recreational Activities: Annual Glover Day!! Features a road race from the site of Runaway Pond to the center of town. There is usually a bike race as well. Pristine fishing at the area lakes and ponds. Miles of back roads for mountain biking and touring.


Fun Facts: VT Route 16 would be an awesome touring bike ride as well as the many back country roads would be exceptional for mountain biking. Glover Day is a very warm, community-based event, which the town looks forward to. Visit Glover's website below for some amazing and interesting history and stories.

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