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From Our Home to Yours

Office v. Home Office

(by Tamara Pare)

I truly love my job and the people I work with.  They are my second family and we care about each other and our families.  While weekly video office meetings do allow us to "see" each other, after however-many weeks now, I MISS EVERYONE!!!   The BEST part of working from HOME is that I now have a beautiful VIEW outside my window rather than the office hallway.  That, and constant companions - my dog Jade; and, my hubby Ric, of course!

I'm still managing virtual files and working on advertising to keep our agents and great variety of properties out in the public eye.  Our agents are doing all they can from home.  These days, we are ALL grateful for the internet, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.  Technology makes it easier to work from home while still sharing the wonderful listings we have.  

In between checking emails, updating online files and working on ads, I have opportunities to take Jade for a walk by the lake, capture some pictures of the beauty that is the Northeast Kingdom, make goodies like banana oatmeal bread, try new recipes for dinner, call to check on my parents, and assist my husband on projects.  All this time at home also makes it easier to connect with our grandsons (and their parents) in New Hampshire and our daughter and son-in-law in California.  We know where everyone is at all times!!  FaceTime, Zoom and Google Hangouts have also allowed Ric and I to visit with family and attend Sunday services and study groups with our church family, who we miss greatly. 

Who knows when we will get back to "normal" or some sort of that idea, but when we do, I hope hugs are allowed.  I am a hugger and so miss hugging my grand-babies, family and friends.  I really miss my weekly Friday lunch date with my cousin - our girl-time to talk, encourage, dream, share and eat out at a restaurant (LOL). 

There are so many people who need encouragement and a friendly word during these strange days.  Let us all reach out in some way.  By the grace of God we will endure and grow from this isolation and reconnection with our quarantine partners.  We'll get through this and one day have some great stories to tell.....Remember that Spring we were all at home for weeks on end?  I'm now reminded of the favorite words of our departed friend and coworker, Micheline....."et la vie continue" (life goes on).  It does and it will.

'Till then, stay home, stay safe and behave!

Miss ya......Tamara