Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

From start to finish, Lyell was a huge help.  We presented our ideas and we leaned on him for feedback and suggestions.  His years of experience really paid off.  Lyell is responsive and hustles, qualities that we much appreciate.  At times we found ourselves discouraged by the house selling experience, but Lyell was always available with logical words of encouragement.  Wrap these attributes up with a very pleasant and joyful personality for an all around great realtor.  

Lyell was very accommodating in helping to find the perfect home.  He went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied.  He has a great personality and was extremely knowledgeable about the history of Vermont.  I would recommend him to anyone looking to relocate.  

As a first time home buyer this process was a little scary.  Lyell was very helpful with any questions we had and was really quick with a response!  Very friendly, definitely made the home buying process less stressful!  I would recommend him to family and friends for sure! 

Lyell was absolutely great to deal with and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in the market for a new home or trying to sell their property.  I greatly appreciate his diligence to his work and his friendly approach.  Throughout the whole process, Lyell went above and beyond to make his knowledge of the housing market available to us whenever we had questions.  Lyell definitely gets straight "A's" from me! 

Making a purchase long distance (1,300 miles away) was not easy.  I spoke with 4 different realtors in the process of a long internet search on properties that looked like they may be what I was looking for.  At the time, Lyell seemed to be more interested in finding out what we wanted, and patiently looked at all the properties I forwarded to him, also making recommendations of his own. Finally arriving in Vermont, Lyell went out of his way to make us feel comfortable and to make sure we saw all the things we had chosen to see, even offering to set up appointments for things completely out of his area that he was not able to show himself.  In a short period of time, there was a huge effort on his part to accommodate us.  By that time, he knew which property would work for us (he was right).  At every step of the process, Lyell worked well with us to make sure all things were happening properly and expediently.  From email recommendations to finding local businesses, to the closing, he worked with us all the way.  My wife and I were both thankful to have someone as helpful as he was.  A great amount of effort was put into helping us.  I would recommend Lyell without question and thank him for all he did for us.  Thank you Lyell. 

Lyell went above and beyond to help us find the perfect home!  He was always responsive and there to answer all of our questions 24/7.  Perfection, perseverance and persistence all describe how Lyell handled our home search.  Once we found our perfect home, Lyell was extremely helpful in making sure the closing went smoothly and we were introduced to the key people and places of our new neighborhood.  With over a dozen contact numbers in hand, anything we need is just a phone call away.  We already feel like a part of the neighborhood and certainly part of the Century 21 Farm & Forest family!  We highly recommend Lyell!  

I enjoyed working with Lyell and recommended his service to a friend.  My friend's listing was under a contract with another agency.  Lyell showed much integrity by giving great advice to my friend by honoring the other person's contract.  His ethical relationship with other agencies was more important to him than to land another account.  His integrity proved to me he is reliable and trustworthy.  I would look him up again if I ever need a realtor.  Very Pleased!

Lyell made the process fun and always kept us on track.  When I got overwhelmed and stressed about the process, Lyell had a calming effect and helped guide us along the way.  Lyell was always available for us.  We work during business hours so most of our correspondence took place after-hours and on weekends.  He was very helpful and flexible. 

Connie was great to deal with!  She had our place listed and sold within a week! 

Connie exemplifies how a realtor should take care of their clients.  She goes above and beyond to make the transaction happen, always with her clients' best interest in mind.  Not that I ever want to move again but if we do, Connie is who we will be looking for to make it all happen. 

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