Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Marcy reached out to me to guide our family in our priority search, and we are so glad she did.  Marcy was a godsend.  She knows the land and the area like a true expert.  We found a hidden gem with her help, and we are forever grateful.  Marcy is a force to be reckoned with and nothing gets past her.  She is energetic, knowledgeable, genuine, encouraging, responsive and very thorough.  If you are lucky enough to have her represent you, you will find what you are looking for.  Marcy even made this process enjoyable (and we know buying and selling, really the whole process itself, can be stressful).  We feel like we had a family member working to help us.  We are so glad we met her.  She is for sure a lifelong friend now.  Thank you, Marcy, for helping us, for guiding us.  We got our property!  Thank you!  Marcy rocks!  

We have extensive real estate experience in D.C., but when we decided to move our family to Vermont and were going to have to do most of the search and purchase remotely, we knew we would need solid local experience.  We also knew we would need someone confident, who was going to respect and work with our knowledge, not someone who was going to be intimidated by or dismissive of our input.  We spoke to at least 3 real estate agents before luckily finding Marcy.  Marcy has professional and personal experience buying and selling rural properties in at least 3 states.  She knows northern Vermont extremely well and, most importantly, if she ever didn't know something, she admitted it immediately - i.e., No BS - and then got the answer as quickly as possible.  With Marcy, we found the perfect property for our family, at the lower end of our price range and, I hate to admit, she talked us into looking at the property we bought after we had already written it off!!  She got to know us, she knew Vermont, and she made the perfect match!  She was also fantastic after contracting, which we did entirely remotely, even closing day when she worked with a friend of ours as our Power of Attorney.  And, she's still working with us, helping us find service providers and answers to questions we didn't know we had!  If you want someone smart, incredibly competent, very easy to work with and a lot of fun, you seriously won't find anyone better than Marcy.  In fact, I've worked with countless real estate agents in different regions, and she's easily the best.  It is evident that she loves what she does, and she will put you first throughout.  

Marcy was extremely helpful with our purchase of a home in the Northeast Kingdom.  She spent a day showing us a few properties, and helped us make an offer.  She guides your every step of the way and was very responsive to any changes required in the contract along the way.  She knows the area well and provided us with a wealth of information.  I'd highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home. 

Marcy helped me find a second/summer home.  She was the most responsive and actionable agent I'd dealt with in Vermont.  She was quick to reply and offer helpful suggestions.  It was a whirlwind trip, one day packed with multiple showings.  She helped negotiate the price and get all the documents in order.  She was the right person for the task at hand.  We got a home that suits our needs and she was a real part of the process. 

Marcy is wonderful.  She works late, keeps in constant communication and juggles the insanity of lender, appraiser, etc. all the while keeping a smile on her face.  She got us a good deal in a tough market.  Too bad my new house is so amazing or I'd use her again to buy another one. 

I first contacted Marcy Lindstedt when I was inquiring about purchasing some property in Vermont.  She put together a concise list of properties that fit within my budget and went out of her way to make me feel welcome.  We worked well together viewing all the properties I was interested in and we both came to the same conclusion that the one I chose was a good decision and struck a deal with the owners.  Marcy has gone well above and beyond in assisting me through the purchasing process and her local knowledge exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Marcy to assist anyone interested in purchasing property in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and beyond. 

Marcy helped us purchase a vacation home.  We ran into some challenging situations and she guided us through the process and we were able to get the purchase completed and are now very happy with our new getaway.  Marcy was very easy to talk with and run ideas by and she was able to use her local information, contacts, and professional expertise too during the course of the purchase.  Definitely use her again!

Peter is extremely confident and professional and at the same time possesses an easy going personality that makes him a pleasure to do business with. 

Travis was patient, proactive, always available and persistent in helping our growing family find the perfect home.  Thanks to him we made a very smart offer, and handled some startling surprises along the way.  I would whole-heartedly recommend Travis to anyone buying or selling in the Northeast Kingdom. 

We have bought and sold several properties using Bruno Marquis as our real estate professional.  He is a local boy so his knowledge of the area is very complete.  Our dealings with him have always been timely, professional and pleasant.  He is attentive and fair and as an added bonus, he is bi-lingual [English/French].  We have frequent occasion to buy and sell property and we very much appreciate working with Bruno because he is always on the ball. 

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